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Against the Wind Ranch Natural Beef was developed in response to an ever-increasing demand for a healthy, natural source of beef for private buyers. Our objective is to produce wholesome, great tasting beef from animals raised in natural and humane conditions. We raise our beef in our two locations: Clarksburg, MD and McDowell, VA . Our beef has been "Certified Humane," which means that it: *Meets the Humane Farm Animal Care Program Standards, which include nutritious diet without antibiotics, or hormones, animals raised with shelter, resting areas, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviors. For more information on the Certified Humane Program, please visit: Our Standards: • Beef is “Certified Humane" • Feed is free of animal proteins • No use of hormones or steroids • Cattle are pasture raised and grass-fed • No unnecessary antibiotics • All beef is dry-aged for 14–21 days • Beef is processed only at USDA Approved Facilities • Cattle are raised by the Chaney family Our beef can be ordered by the Whole Beef, Half Beef or Quarter Beef (split side) or in our NEW 20 Pound Natural Beef Sample Boxes. All beef is sold frozen and vacuum- sealed. We will provide handling instructions when you place your order. Beef can be ordered locally (MD & VA) or shipped anywhere in the U.S. Against The Wind Ranch, Inc., John and Sarah Chaney, Route 654, McDowell VA 24458. (540) 396-4751. E-mail: . Website: . Babes in the Wood is a small, family-run pig farm in central Virginia. We raise our pigs in the forest, which is their natural habitat. With 2-3 pigs per acre there is plenty of room for them to roam and forage for food. This method is sustainable and benefits the woodland. Our pigs are never confined (our sows even give birth in the woods!) Subsequently our pigs are not only happy, but they also produce superior pork. Because it is 100% free range, the texture of our pork is outstanding. It also has a particularly wonderful flavor as their diet of nuts, berries, etc. is reflected in the taste. We specialize in a rare British breed called the Tamworth, which is known for its particularly rich and distinctive flavor and is especially suitable for raising outdoors. Our
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pork is free of hormones and antibiotics. We sell a range of cuts, plus sausages and bacon. In addition, we offer whole live hogs for spit roasts or for custom processing. Customers can order by phone (434) 983-9721 or online at . We also run a buying club and have drop-off points in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland. To join our buying club, email us and we will add you to our notification list. We ship to anywhere in the United States and also attend the following Farmers Markets:
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EAT WILD RESOURCES - Against the Wind Ranch Natural Beef...

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