Soc Review 1 - StudyGuide,Exam1, Prof.Hunter*note that Exam...

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Study Guide, Exam 1, SOCY1001 Spring Semester 2010 Prof. Hunter ****note that Exam 1 will contain questions from the Witt textbook, recitation readings/discussion and lecture. Good luck with your studies! The Sociological Imagination What is the Sociological Imagination and how might you apply it to a particular social problem? Sociological Imagination : An awareness of the relationship between an individual and  the wider society.  - Allows us to look at how we as individuals connect with the larger social and  historical forces that shape our lives, to comprehend the links between our  immediate personal social settings and the remote, impersonal social world that  surrounds and helps to shape us.  society According to C. Wright Mills, what are “issues”? “troubles”? Issues : [Public Issues/Social Problems] Obstacles that individuals in similar positions  face Troubles : [Private Troubles] Obstacles that individuals face as individuals rather than as  a consequence of their social position. Can you link this to “macro” and “micro”? Offer examples as to how “macro” and “micro” are connected via the Sociological Imagination? Macrosociology:  Sociological investigation that concentrates on large-scale phenomena  or entire civilizations. EX) Issues Microsociology: Sociological Imagination - An awareness of the relationship between an individual  [with micro- private troubles] and the wider society [dealing with macro- issues]. 
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Why is the Sociological Imagination both a blessing and a curse? What does Berger mean when he says “things are not what they seem?” What is Sociology and what do Sociologists study? Sociology: What does Witt aim to illustrate with the example of a hamburger? Can you give other examples of this concept? The hamburger is a symbol pointing to the astonishing complexity and taken-for- grantedness of our human interdependence and to the knowledge we share collectively  without even realizing it EX) Creation of a book What are the key components of Sociology? Can you give examples of each? Systematic Study conclusions about society based on experiences or observations rather than beliefs or  the authority of others. Approaches to data collection: Quantitative : emphasize counting things and analyszing them mathematically 
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Soc Review 1 - StudyGuide,Exam1, Prof.Hunter*note that Exam...

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