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Studyguide for chem. 1151 Spring 2011 lab final Density and specific gravity calculations Relationship between absorbance and concentration Dilution calculations pH paper/litmus paper, what is it and how does it work composition of urin, ions, ketobodies, protein, glucose etc. what do they mean how to use various lab equipment such as the buret, graduated cylinder, spectrophotometer etc. Lab terminology, such as acidic, precipitate, pipetting, decanting etc. Molecular shapes
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Unformatted text preview: Concentration calculations, molar concentration, mass % The qualitative tests for specific ions, which test goes with what ion and so forth Know the general procedures for the labs, what was the purpose for each lab, whats a positive result, negative result, whats your conclusion for the labs and on what data was this based Stoichiometry calculations Titration calculations Bring calculator, ruler, pencil and scratch paper...
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