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Larry Caper II A40954344 IAH 201-001 Hollywood the Untamable Force The entertainment capital of the world, better known as Hollywood, is one the most influential tools used to gain global attention. However, due to its reputation, the word "Hollywood" is regularly used as a metonym of American cinema . Being that Hollywood is American cinema, it is safe to say that Hollywood represents America’s culture and influences its brand. Hollywood has become a giant unstoppable force, used to expose the hidden motives and desires of the American government. This giant force has no obligation to America, but is committed to reveal the truth about America to viewers worldwide—whether admirable or unacceptable. Hollywood has painted a global image of the United States composed of white supremacy, violence, and greed. “The most popular American movie exports have tended to be action-adventure films and dramas.” 1 The movie Crash was one of the top controversial drama films in the past twenty years. It was an Oscar winning best picture film produced by Paul Haggis. However, even with such prestige, it made many aware of a disregarded issue within American History, the idea that America was founded by White Supremacists. Often times many shun the idea of talking about such a topic. Since the American government is afraid to confront such an issue, Hollywood intervened and exposed its dirty laundry. It is pretty evident that Haggis wants the audience to leave with the idea that “everyone is prejudice—black white, Asian, Iranian, etc…” 2 This Hollywood produced film blatantly tells 1 Crothers, Lane. 2 Jensen & Wosnitzer, Robert, Crash is a White Supremacist Movie!, (April 2011). 1
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Larry Caper II A40954344 IAH 201-001 other countries, that America is a society with no continuity under the mask of unity that the government tries to portray. Within America’s government, they have actually set up these barriers between whites and non-whites through our popular culture. Our popular culture has
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FinalIAHPaper - Larry Caper II A40954344 IAH 201-001...

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