Exercise 2-2 Vendor List and Ledgers

Exercise 2-2 Vendor List and Ledgers - Bellwether Garden...

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Page: 1 Bellwether Garden Supply Vendor List Filter Criteria includes: Report order is by ID. Vendor ID Vendor Contact Telephone 1 Tax Id No ABNEY Abney and Son Contractors Wesley Abney 770-555-0000 AKERSON Akerson Distribution Cameron Akerson 678-555-1279 ANDERSON Anderson's Landscaping CALDWELL Caldwell Tools Company Carl Caldwell 770-555-7130 CLINE Cline Construction, Inc. Suzanne Cline 770-555-8546 CLOONEY Clooney Chemical Supply Shaye Clooney 404-555-0899 CLOUDET Cloudet Property Management Cheryl Cloudet 404-555-9699 DANIEL Daniel Lawn Pro, Inc. Valerie Daniel 770-555-1126 DEJULIA DeJulia Wholesale Suppliers Jerry DeJulia 404-555-1500 GAREVENUE Georgia Department of Revenue Janice Wilcox 404-555-0900 GARY Robert Gary 404-555-8000 GWINLICENSE Gwinnett County License Board Barry Glover 770-555-5569 GWINWATER Gwinnett County Water John Marco 770-555-0177 HAWKINS DPH Web Design Dennis Hawkins 770-555-4221 HUBBARD Hubbard Wholesale Karl Hubbard 770-555-7155 JACKSON Jackson Advertising Company Yvette Jackson 404-555-5855 JUAN Kenneth Juan 770-555-0188 KIDD Kidd Computers Joe Kidd 770-555-5827 MILES Paul Miles 770-555-7117 MILLS Mills Leasing Corp. Angela Mills 404-555-1901 NATLBANK National Trust Bank Nita Ackerman 404-555-0799 NEIGHBORS Neighbors Telephone Company Mandy Neighbors 404-555-1022 PARIS Paris Brothers Tree Surgeons Jake Paris 770-555-4154 PAYNE Payne Enterprises Harmony Payne 770-555-4146 PERKINSOFC Perkins Office Supplies Jane Perkins SAFESTATE Safe State Insurance Company Ellen Barton 770-555-1136 SOGARDEN Southern Garden Wholesale Thomas Mayors 404-555-9668 SOPOWER Southern Power Co. Clare Simell 404-555-0799 STANLEY Stanley Shipping Express Cindy Stanley 404-559-6278 SULLEY Sulley Printing Trent Sulley
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Exercise 2-2 Vendor List and Ledgers - Bellwether Garden...

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