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Assignment Time and Billing - parts The information for the...

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ASSIGNMENT: TIME AND BILLING 1 Assignment: Time and Billing Holly Sestito ACC/250 June 19, 2010 Dr. Monica Kisielnicki-Hubler, DBA
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ASSIGNMENT: TIME AND BILLING 2 Assignment: Time and Billing 8-1 1. $60 2. Taxable 3. 40000-HS 4. INSTL HARD – COMM The information needed to answer the questions in 8-1 was found in the Maintain Inventory Items. This gives everything needed for these 4 questions. Knowing where this information is found helps when giving quotes to other companies. You will also need to know where this information is found if anything is needed to be changed. 8-2 1. 15,289.31 2. 728.06 3. 57000 4. 8 The information for 8-2 needed to complete the questions was found in two different
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Unformatted text preview: parts. The information for the first two and the last questions was found in the invoice for March 13, 2010. The third question was answered by Alan Hardman’s pay information. Knowing where to find this information is important because you do not want to charge the wrong account for his pay. You must know what O’Hara needs to pay for a specific invoice if they call. The information on this invoice is also important to know if they may have any questions on anything you have charged them for. ASSIGNMENT: TIME AND BILLING 3...
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