CheckPoint Ticket Memo - Expense tickets are used to track...

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CHECKPOINT: TICKET MEMO 1 CheckPoint: Ticket Memo Holly Sestito ACC/ 250 June 16, 2011 Dr. Monica Kisielnicki-Hubler, DBA
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CHECKPOINT: TICKET MEMO 2 CheckPoint: Ticket Memo Memorandum To: Department Managers From: Holly Sestito Subject: Time and Expense Tickets Date: June 16, 2011 CC: CEO We have recently purchased new accounting software. This is due to the old software we had no longer being produced. We will be going over different options the new software has. The first new option we will be going over is time and expense tickets. We will go over what each one is used for, the differences between the two and what information can be found in each one. Time tickets record employee and vender time. This can be time an employee spent on project either for research or consultations. This can be entered as weekly or daily depending on the employee entering the information. The billing rate for the vendor will depend on the employee and type of account they have.
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Unformatted text preview: Expense tickets are used to track and aid in billing the customer for expenses accrued while doing a service for them. This would not include time only things such as office expenses, any fees paid. This would only be for expenses we have paid. CHECKPOINT: TICKET MEMO 3 The information from both time and expense tickets are used for invoicing the customer. The sales/invoicing window gives an option to add the tickets in. When you look at the invoice you should see an option to apply ticket/reimbursable expenses this will take you to a time and billing feature. The rate charged in the expense ticket will be the item times the quantity. The time ticket would be the hours times the billing rate. If anyone needs more clarification on the new software please contact me at (406) 781-4540 or email me at I am sure we will make this new transition to the new software as seamless as possible....
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CheckPoint Ticket Memo - Expense tickets are used to track...

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