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CheckPoint Financial Forecasting

CheckPoint Financial Forecasting - A family owned company...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT: FINANCIAL FORECASTING 1 CheckPoint: Financial Forecasting Holly Sestito FIN/200 May 20, 2011 Noah Plante
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CHECKPOINT: FINANCIAL FORECASTING 2 CheckPoint: Financial Forecasting The different types of companies we are looking at today will all need a financial forecast. They may need them for different reasons but will find this is most helpful when gaining investors and loans. A brand new company will need this for investment purposed. They will need to show the bank that they will earn a profit to repay loans needed for the start up. They also need to know how much money they will need for start up. This will include operation expenses, asset cost and how many employees’ they will need. With any company they should have some cash on of their own for the start up.
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Unformatted text preview: A family owned company will need this same information for any loans to be taking out. This will also show that they are able to make a profit. If the company is already established they will be able to show profit statements they already have. The company will be able to show cash they have to put back into the company as well. The long standing corporation will need all this same information. They may need it for outside investors along with banks to receive loans. Most long standing companies will have a good establishment with customers along with a good profit margin. This is the reason a brand new company, a family owned company and a long standing company would need a financial forecast....
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