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A Microfinance MIS

A Microfinance MIS - meetings training& attendance...

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A Microfinance MIS     Mifos is a web-based management information system (MIS) for microfinance  institutions (MFIs). Through its open source technology platform, Mifos streamlines the  operations of microfinance institutions, providing real-time information and the capacity  to scale. Mifos helps MFIs operate more efficiently and to drive a broader and deeper  outreach to the poor. As the core backbone of an MFI’s operations, Mifos provides  portfolio and transaction management, on-the-fly financial product creation, in-depth  client management, integrated social performance measurement, and a reporting  engine to provide financial transparency and business and social insight  ( M i f o s ,   2 0 1 0 ) .     Mifos has a lot component to their database. Mifos is considered one centralized  platform with a global community and its purpose is to provide support for group 
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Unformatted text preview: meetings, training & attendance, support for group and individual lending & savings, and define multiple rules, interest rates & payment types. As an open source platform, Mifos’ functionality is rapidly evolving with two major releases and four minor releases each year. Mifos also has streamlined work processing such as exception-based data entry, consistent workflow, and bulk collection sheet entry, loan creation/approval. With that being said, Mifos has helped to fuel GK’s (Grameen Koota) growth and allowed the institution to provide their clients with innovative services that help to break the cycle of poverty. Refe rences: M i f o s , . ( 2 010 ) . H o w m i fo s i s u s e d . R e t r i e ve d f r o m h t t p : / / m i f o s . o r g / a b o u t / h o w - m i f o s - u s e d...
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