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You Decide - to Mr Bandleader he says that why should he...

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Ernesto Verduzco May 20, 2011 Professor: Hairston LAWS-310 You Decide As the chosen arbitrator I have been assigned to resolve a legal dispute between Bobby Bandleader and Johnny Singstealer. Mr. Bandleader is the owner and operator of a local restaurant by the name of Bobby’s Bristo, and Mr. Singstealer who is the copyright holder of the “Happy Birthday to You” song. The plaintiff Mr. Singstealer is suing the defendant Mr. Bandleader for the use of his “Happy Birthday to You” song at his family restaurant. We all know that something that has a copyright and is used by someone else should always give credit to the main author. I feel that Mr. Bandleader has been abusing the copyright law throughout the years for singing the “Happy Birthday to You” song at his local family restaurant. Mr. Singstealer feels he has been getting robbed by Mr. Bandleader and is suing him for $1.5 million dollars. According
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Unformatted text preview: to Mr. Bandleader, he says that why should he have to pay any money for singing the songs if everyone else does it. However, the song has a copyright holder which in this case it happens to be Mr. Singstealer. Mr. Singstealer is asking that he should not be allowed to sing this song ever again. According to Mr. Bandleader, he has made his own version of the song and has changed some of the words in it as well. He is not allowed to do so without the permission of the individual who holds the copyright to the song. This makes him even more of a cheater and definitely has to pay for all the damages he has created to Mr. Singstealer. Now I believe that the court should take into consideration all that Mr. Singstealer has gone through to find out exactly what Mr. Bandleader has been doing at his restaurant for the last 20 years. He finally finds out and wants to get back what has been stolen from him....
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You Decide - to Mr Bandleader he says that why should he...

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