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ACCOUNTING - II Tutorial Questions Chapter 23 Le Ngoc Mai Phuong Thao - Dang The Duong - Vu Hoang Duong E 23-15 Invested assets: Long term liabilities Common stock Retained earnings Invested assets = Total assets – Non-interest-bearing operating liabilities = Total assets – (Accounts payable + Wages payable) = $472,900 – (2,100 + 3,700) = $467,100 Or Invested assets = long term liabilities + common stock + retained earnings = $188,000 + $220,000 + $59,100 = $467,100 E 23-22 Internal processes Type of performance measure
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Unformatted text preview: Related process 1. Cost of replacement parts Cost Service-after-sale 2. Lead time (order to delivery) Time Operations 3. Lead time (idea to working model) Time Innovation 4. Products returns per million Quality Innovation 5. Payback on R&D costs Cost Innovation 6. Percentage of sales from new products Quality Innovation 7. Production defects per million Quality Operations 8. Repair cycle time Time Service-after-sale 9. Cost of warranty repairs Cost Service-after-sale...
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