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E. 4-29 Debit Credit Mar1  Prepaid insurance  3,000 Cash To record prepaid for Insurance  expense  3,000 Jun1 Account Receivable  1,120 Note  1,000 Interest  To record the payment from  customer 120 Aug1 Cash 4,800 Unearned rent revenue   To record unearned rent.  4,800 Sep1 Supplies  500 Dec20 Check 1,875 Unearned revenue  To record the unearned revenue 1875 P4-56
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1. Journal entries in 2009 Transaction  Dr CR Inventory  80,000 Account payable  Purchase $80,000 Inventory on credit 80,000 B  Cash 10,000 Capital stock Issued  $10,000 Capital stock for cash 10,000 C Account receivable  100,000 Cash  80,000 Revenue  To record the revenue of merchandise  180,000 Cost of goods sold  100,000 Inventory for sale To record the cost of goods sold  100,000 Note payable  35,000 Interest expense  7,000 Cash Paid  for note  42,000 Cash  105,000 Account receivable     To record the collecting money from  customers  105,000 F Account payable  95,000 Cash Paid  for accounts payable  95,000 G Salaries expense  30,000 Cash Paid  for salaries  30,000 Dividend  10,000 Cash 10,000
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