progress report Duong vu - Progress on Writing Resume To...

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To: Dr. Robert L. Delzell II From: Vu Hoang Duong Date: May 23, 2008 Subject: Progress Report on Resume Assignment In this report, I will mention about the progress of how I completed my resume to apply to BNP Paribas Bank for the job, Trader during this week. In order to do it, had to do 2 tasks, looking for the information about this Job Trader and writing my resume in the best way. Progress on finding information about Trader and BNP Paribas Bank I looked for the information from 2 sources, homepage of BNP Paribas and Mr. Minh Vu who is a trader of BNP Paribas. Firstly, from BNP Paribas website, I knew more about service, policy and history of BNP Paribas. In addition, I also got a lot of information by chatting with Mr Minh, a Trader of Paribas on the Internet. Through our conversation, I found some useful information about duty of a trader and required qualifications such as: CFA Certificate, Team working skill, Communication skill
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Unformatted text preview: Progress on Writing Resume To write my resume in the best way, I followed the guideline on Technical writing text book and referred to some sample Resumes that I got from the Internet. By this way, I found that the some essential contents of a resume should be Objective, Education, Experience, Activities and References. Recommendation After completing my resume, I have 3 recommendations When you want to talk to a Trader, you should contact a trader after 5pm because from 8 am to 5 pm, a trader is very busy and do not want to answer any questions. If you want to get information from a trader, you should not communicate with him through the internet but phone because the quality of internet in Vietnam is not high. The resume should be checked by another person to make sure that it has no mistake and clear enough for the reader. Conclusion I finished my Resume before the deadline Friday, May 23 rd , 2008...
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progress report Duong vu - Progress on Writing Resume To...

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