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Progress Report - Memorandum To From Date Subject Dr Robert...

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Memorandum To: Dr. Robert L. Delzell II From: Nguy n Song Phúc Date: May 23, 2008 Subject: Progress Report on Resume Assignment In my resume assignment, I was given one week to finish the resume for the job application. Last week, I had to read the instructions carefully and look for realistic information to put in my resume in a persuasive way. Results from Monday and Tuesday While reading the Technical Writing book about the resume assignment, I have identified several key factors in writing an effective resume. Firstly, try to eliminate every word that may create sentence fragments without losing essential information. Secondly, details should be stated precisely. Employers find generalities to be unimpressive. Lastly, use verb tenses carefully. Use the past tense for activities completed. Use the present tense for those you continue to perform. Results from Wednesday After reading the instructions, I started collecting the required data. Firstly, as I want to be a class teacher, I clearly stated my subject in the
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