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NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE Memorandum To Increase the Number of Vietnamese Students in National University of Singapore TO: Dr.Robert L. Delzell II, Ph.D FROM: Duong Vu DATE: May 30 th, 2008 RE: Proposal to build a Program for Attracting Vietnamese Students According to the research of Marketing Department, Vietnam is the most potential market for many international Universities. Vietnam has around 20 million students from both high school s and Universit ies ( the reason for the proposal) . Days by days, the demand of study aboard has growth dramatically from 2002 till now (see page 8). In (according to) one of the research conducted by Vietnamese government, there is 70% of students have the same answer, yes, when they was asked whether they desire to study overseas or not. In addition, ( can say simply “in 2002, the number of study aboard Vietnamese students was under 1000 students”) . Then 6 years later, in 2007, there are about 5000 Vietnamese students which study in many countries such as: The United State of American, The United Kingdom, French, Germany and so on. Obviously, Vietnam has attracted a great number of foreign universities in over the world (restate the reason to clarify). Therefore, in my proposal, I would like to gain the number of students who come from Vietnam. Problem Based on the data of student service department, NUS is facing with the decline on the number of current student s of NUS fell from 8000 students to 5000 students 1
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( Should supply the years to clarify the numbers such as “from 2007 to 2008”) . The reason of the decrease of students is that there is less students who come from Vietnam, NUS second major market. According to one of the research of NUS Marketing Department, there are 2 main problems. (You can make the structure simple like “There are two reasons for the decreasing quantity of students, according to the research of NUS marketing Department.”) 1. Problem with Finance The most important problem (you can use the word “Challenge” or “difficult” to replace the word “problem”) that prevents Vietnamese students from study overseas is that they cannot afford the tuition fee of NUS. If a student who want to study in NUS, the average cost is around 10,000 Singapore Dollar per year which is too expensive for most Vietnamese students. In contrary, when a student studies at one of Vietnamese Universities, It cost him or her about 1000 Singapore Dollar per year which is less than 10 times comparing to the cost of study in NUS. As the result of that, many Vietnamese students have to give up their desire for studying aboard due to the financial problem. 2. Problem with Language One of the difficulties that Vietnamese students have to face is their English skill. To study in NUS, student is required to get TOEFL, American English Proficiency
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