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FOB free on boat destination : seller owns merchandise until it reaches the destination FOB shipping point :buyer…point of shipment PERPETUAL METHOD: purchase return : AP – inventory. Freight I is adde to inventory acc Earn 300, FICA Taxes 7,65%… state unemployment tax 5% …. Federal unemployment tax 8% . voluntary withholding 20$ . Federal incometax. 15$. State income tax : 8 -> net take home ? 234.05 Event as extraordinary : material . infrequent in occurrence. Unusual in nature . issuance price is not depend on method used to amortize the bond discount or
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Unformatted text preview: premium bond sell at discount when M rate of interest > state rate interest Serial bonds : mature in a series of installments Inventory is not long term operating asset Types of activities report in statement of cas flows : financing activities not good sold, not sale of business segment , not interest on loan Cant analyzed and managed separately Can chosen for similar items Comprehansive financial state ment analysis alone… false...
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