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Work load of accounting - • Hoang Duong voi The Duong chi...

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Accounting The Duong Hoang Duong My Hanh Tuyet Nhung P2-47 P2-49 P3-40 P3-43 P4-56 P4-50 E1-6 AA1-25 E2-20 E2-25 E2-26 E1-7 E3-25 E3-26 E3-28 E2-28 E4-29 E4-38 E4-43 E3-31 E5-4 E5-1 Notes: Nhung ba`i P(Problem) thuong da`i hon nhung bai E nhieu.
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Unformatted text preview: • Hoang Duong voi The Duong chi lam` 5 bai` vi` phai la`m 2 bai P TUI MINH SE HOP TREN LIBABRY LUC 5H NGAY THU 4...
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