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UNDERGRADUATE COOPERATION PROGRAM HANDOUT 5 Subject code: ENGL 1301 FOUR BASES FOR REVISING ESSAYS Subject name: Composition 1 Instructor: Tô Minh Thanh, Ph.D. 5. 1 Unity 5. 1.1 Understanding  unity in a  paragraph To achieve the unity in a paragraph is to make all the details in the paragraph related to the subtopic and the controlling idea embodied in the topic sentence of the paragraph. Read the following paragraph. Identify the topic sentence of the paragraph and cross out   any sentence that does not belong in the paragraph . There may be one or more irrelevant sentences . Another problem   [ facing   a   number   of   elderly people ]   IS living on reduced income . Upon retiring , old people   may receive the pension from their company or Social Security from the government . The amount of their monthly checks is often half the amount of the checks they received when they were employed . Suddenly , retirees  find that   they can no longer continue the life style that they had become accustomed to , even if that life style was a modest one . Many find , after paying their monthly bills , that there is no money left for a movie or a dinner out . [ Of course, sometimes they   can’t go out because of their health . Maybe they have arthritis or rheumatism and it is painful for them to move around . This can also change their life style . ] Some older people , however , discover that the small amount of money they receive will not even cover   their monthly bills . They realize with horror that electricity , a telephone, and nourishing food are luxuries they can no longer afford . They resort to shiver ing in the dark , eat ing cat food in order to make two ends meet . 5. 1.2 Understanding unity in an essay The achieve the unity in an essay is to make all the details in the essay related to the  topic and the central idea embodied in the thesis statement of the essay and all of its topic sentences . 1
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Essay 1 : Problems of my Adolescence In the unreal world of television situation comedies , teenagers are carefree , smart , funny , wisecracking , secure kids . In fact , most of them are more “together” than the adults on the shows . This , however , isn’t how I recall my teenage years at all . As a teen , I suffered . Every day , I battled ( Central idea ) the terrible physical , family , and social troubles of adolescence ( Topic ) . (1) For one thing ( Transition 1 ) , I had to deal with ( Controlling idea 1 ) a demoralizing physical  problem  — acne ( Subtopic 1 ) . Some days , I would wake up in the morning with a red bump the size of a taillight on my nose . Since I worried constantly about my appearance anyway , acne outbreaks could turn me into a crying , screaming maniac . Plastering on a layer of (at the time) orange-colored Clearasil , which didn’t fool anybody , I would slink into school , hoping that the boy I had a crush on would be absent that day . [ Within the last few years, however , treatments for acne
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