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UNDERGRADUATE COOPERATION PROGRAM HANDOUT 8 Subject code: ENGL 1301 PATTERNS OF ESSAYS Subject name: Composition 1 Instructor: Tô Minh Thanh, Ph.D. EXEMPLIFICATION 8. 1 Analyzing  example paragraphs 8. 1.1 Specific details would help support the controlling idea in an example paragraph : Salinity Another difference among the world’s seas and oceans ( Topic ) is that the salinity varies   in  different climate zones ( Controlling idea ) . For example , the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe is only one fourth as saline as the Red Sea in the Middle East . There are two reasons for this . (1) / (1.1) First of all , in warm climate zones , water evaporates rapidly ; therefore , the concentration of salt is greater . (1.2) Second , the surrounding land is dry and , consequently , does not contribute much fresh water to dilute the salty sea water . (2) / (2.1) In cold climate zones , on the other hand , water evaporates slowly . (2.2) Furthermore , the runoff created by melting snow adds a considerable amount of fresh water to dilute the saline sea water . American workers Despite their reputation , some workers in American factories ( Topic ) take pride in helping their companies ( Controlling idea ) . A good example of this is the 14,000 employees of Locheed-Geogia Company who submit ideas to management to help reduce production costs . In one year , these ideas , ranging from a new way to recharge a dead battery to a more efficient way to paint airplane wings , saved the company $57.5 million . Since 1979 , employee suggestions have resulted in savings of over $190 million . While we might think that workers submit ideas in order to receive large rewards , this is not the case . According to Executive Vice President Alex Lorch , the financial benefit is minimum . The employee with the best idea each year receives only $100 . The employees ( 1 st Restated Topic ) , Lorch says, submit ideas because they ( 2 nd Restated   Topic ) are motivated   by   a desire to do a good job  ( Restated Controlling idea ) . 8. 1.2 “It is not usually sufficient just to name an example ; often it is necessary to explain the example to show how it relates to and supports the generalization . 1
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[Oshima and Hogue, 1991: 106] It would be insufficient to support the topic sentence of the following paragraph: “ Tornadoes can  be   devastating . ” by simply stating . Take , for example , the tornado that hit Wichita Falls , Texas , in 1979 . ” That does not really show that the tornado was devastating . It is necessary to add an explanation of that example : This tornado destroyed an entire block of homes and damaged many other houses and places of business . In addition , the tornado caused the death of over twenty people . The paragraph might conclude by discussing one or two more examples: Tornadoes   ( Topic ) can be  devastating ( Controlling idea ) . (1) Take
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