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UNDERGRADUATE COOPERATION PROGRAM HANDOUT 12 Subject code: ENGL 1301 PATTERNS OF ESSAYS Subject name: Composition 1 Instructor: Tô Minh Thanh, Ph.D. NARRATION 12. 1 Analyzing narrative paragraphs 12. 1.1 Present narration When people here talk of Mardi Gras ( Topic ) , they use the expression Mardi Gras Mad ness . ” This delightful mad ness ( Controlling idea ) begins for many on St. Charles Avenue with the Rex Parade . By nine o’clock , the avenue is lined with people of all ages in colorful costumes , from cavemen to supermen . They stroll among the crowd and chat with friends and strangers alike . Some dance and some drink . At around ten o’clock , the excitement mounts as the parade begins . First , there IS the welcome sound of sirens . The police on motorcycles always lead parade to make a path through the jubilant crowd . Then a band usually MARCHES by , playing a popular tune such as the theme from Star Wars . At this time people start clapping and dancing to the music . Next COME the masked men on horseback . They wave and crowd waves back . Sometimes a girl goes up and kiss one of the riders ! Finally , someone usually shouts , There it IS ! ” It IS the first float carrying men in costumes and masks . Immediately , everyone rushed toward the float . They wave their hands and yell , “Throw me something, Mister ! ” The men throw beads and souvenir coins to the excited crowd . Usually they catch the coins , but sometimes one hits the ground . Then several people rush to retrieve it , pushing and shoving if necessary . Then the float PASSES , but soon another one COMES and the mad ness ( Restated Controlling idea ) continues in the same way . After about an hour , the parade PASSES by and the first part of Mardi Gras day ( Restated Topic ) ENDS . 12. 1.2 Past narration 1
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It was nearly dark when my two brothers and I arrived at the Ranger Station in the Shenabdaoah National Park . As the ranger WAS ISSUING us our camping permit , he warned us to be careful of bears . After we HAD   PUT   ON   our hiking boots and ADJUSTED     our backpacks     , we set off down the nearest trail with only a flashlight to guide us . While we WERE TRAMPING through the forest , we heard many strange noises . As soon as we ARRIVED at a small clearing , we began to set up camp . I held the flashlight while my brothers were setting up the tent . I noticed that the light was getting dimmer and dimmer ; apparently the batteries were going dead . Soon , I could hear my brothers snoring and I could see the faint shadows of the forest as the moon BEGAN   to rise . Just as I   WAS ABOUT TO FALL asleep , I heard a strange noise outside . I suddenly remembered the ranger’s warning about bears. I woke my brothers up . My oldest brother grabbed the flashlight , but the batteries by then had gone dead . Suddenly we heard a loud grunt . Upon hear ING this awful sound , we all scrambled out of the tent and took off running as fast as we could
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