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UNDERGRADUATE COOPERATION PROGRAM HANDOUT 13 Subject code: ENGL 1301 PATTERNS OF ESSAYS Subject name: Composition 1 Instructor: Tô Minh Thanh, Ph.D. DEFINITION 13. 1 Analyzing  definition essays Student Essays to Consider Essay 1 : Definition of  a Football Fan [Langan, 2008: 312-313 ] OUTLINE I. INTRODUCTION: Thesis statement : Football fans  ( Topic ) behave insanely , are insane about the past and are insanely loyal ( Central idea ) . II. BODY: Topic sentence 1 : Football fans ( Topic ) just plain behave insanely ( Central idea ) . (1.3)Even the fact that Fans spend the coldest months of the year hudding on icy metal benches in places like Chicago proves it . (1.1) Football fans  wear their official team T-shirts and warm-up jeackets to the mall , the supermarket , the classroom , and even —if they can get away with it— to work . (1.2) If the team offers a giveaway item , the fans rush to the stadium to claim the hat or sports bag or water bottle that is being handed out that day . (1.4) In addition , football fans decorate their houses with football-related items of every kind . (1.5) When they go to a game , which they do as often as possible , they also decorate their bodies . (1.6) At the game , these fans  devote enormous energy to trying to get a “wave” going . Topic sentence 2 : Football fans are insanely fasinated by the past . (2.1) They   talk about William Refrigerato Perry’s 1985 Super Bowl touchdown as though it had happened last week . (2.2) The passion they show recounting Franco Harris’s Immaculate Reception makes you wonder if they realize his playoff-winning catch occurred in 1972 . (2.3) They excitedly discuss the sixty-three-yard field goal 1
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kicked by Tom Dempsey a man with no toes on his foot as though it’s new , instead of having happened in 1970 . (2.4) And if you can’t manage to get all that excited about such ancient history , they look at you as though you were the insane one . Topic sentence 3 : Last of all , (3) football fans ( Topic ) are insanely loyal to the team of their choice , often dangeroulsly so ( Central idea 3 ) . (3.1)Should their beloved team lose three in a row , fans may begin to react negatively as a way to hide their broken   hearts . (3.2) They still obsessively   watch each game and spend the entire day afterward reading and listening to the postgame commentary in newspapers , on TV sports segments , and on sports radio . (3.3) Further , this intense loyalty makes   fans   dangerous . III. CONCLUSION:   - From February through August , football fans ( 1 st  Restated Topic ) act like any other human beings   ( 1 st Restated Central idea ) . - For the true football fan  ( 2 nd  Restated Topic ) , another season of insanity has begun   ( 2 nd Restated Central idea ) when September rolls around . What is a football fan ? The word fan is an abbreviation of fanatic ,” meaning an insane or crazy person .” In the case of football fans  ( Topic ) , the term is appropriate .
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