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UNDERGRADUATE COOPERATION PROGRAM 1. 1. Playing on the Browns [Langan, 2008: 154-156 ] Subject code: ENGL 1301 Subject name: Composition 1 Instructor: Tô Minh Thanh, Ph.D. 1 For the past three summers , I HAVE PLAYED first base on a softball team known as the Browns . 2 We PLAY a long schedule , including playoffs , and everybody TAKES the games pretty seriously . 3 In that respect , we ARE no different from any other of the thousand or so teams in our city . 4 But in one respect , we ARE different . 5 In an all-male league , we HAVE a woman on the team me . 6 Thus I’VE HAD a chance to observe something about human nature by see ing [ how the men HAVE TREAT ED ( Central idea ) me ( Topic ) ]. 7 Some HAVE BEEN DISBELIEV ING ; some HAVE BEEN PATRONIZ ING ; and , fortunately , some HAVE simply ACCEPT ED me . 8 One ( Transition 1 ) new team in the league WAS particularly flabbergasted ( Controlling idea 1 ) to see me START the game at first base . 9 Nobody on the Comets ( Subtopic 1 ) HAD COMMENTED one way or the other [ when he SAW me warm ing up ], but play ing in the actual game WAS another story . 10 The Comets first-base coach LEANED over to me with a disbelieving grin and SAID , “ You MEAN , you RE STARTING , and those three guys ARE on the bench ?” 11 I NODDED and he SHRUGGED , still AMAZED . 12 He probably THOUGHT I WAS the manag er ’s wife . 13 [ When I CAME up to bat ], the Comet pitch er SMILED and CALLED to his outfield er s to move way in 1
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on me ] . 14 Now , I DON’T HAVE a lot of power , but I M NOT exactly feeble . 15 I USED TO WORK OUT on the exercise machines at a local health club [ until it closed ] , and now I LIFT weights at home a couple of times a week . 16
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