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UNDERGRADUATE COOPERATION PROGRAM Subject code: ENGL 1301 Subject name: Composition 1 Instructor: Tô Minh Thanh, Ph.D. 3. 1 Harmful Effects of Watching Television [Langan, 2008: 147-148 ] (Original Version) In a recent cartoon , one character SAID to another , “ When you think of the awesome power of television to educate , aren’t you glad it doesn’t? It ’S true [ that television HAS the power to educate and to entertain ] , but unfortunately , these benefits ARE OUTWEIGHED by the harm [( that ) it DOES to dedicated viewers ] . Television ( Topic ) IS harmful ( Central idea ) [ because it CREATES passivity , DISCOURAGES communication , and PRESENTS a false picture of reality ( Reasons )] . Television MAKES viewers passive ( Reason 1 ) . Children [ who HAVE an electronic baby-sitter ] SPEND most of their waking hours in a semiconscious state . Older viewers WATCH tennis matches and basketball games with none of the excitement of be ing in the stands . [ Even if children ARE WATCHING Sesame Street or ] , they ARE BEING EDUCATED passively . The child actors ARE GOING on nature walks , BUILDING crafts projects , PLAYING with animals , and PARTICIPATING in games , but the little viewers ARE simply WATCHING . Older viewers WATCH guests DISCUSS issues with Oprah Winfrey , but no one WILL TURN to the home viewers to ask their opinion . Worst of all , TV PRESENTS a false picture of reality [ that LEAVES viewers frustrated ( Subtopic 3 ) { because they DON’T HAVE the beauty or wealth of the characters on television } ] . ( 3.4a) Viewers ABSORB the idea [ that everyone else in the United State OWNS a lavish apartment , a
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suburban house , a sleek car , and an expensive wardrobe ] . ( 3.2) Every detective , police office , oil baron , and lawyer , male or female , IS suitable for a pinup poster . ( 3.3) The material possessions on TV shows and commercials CONTRIBUTE TO the false image of reality . ( 3.1) News anchors and reporters , with their perfect hair and make up , MUST FIT television’s standard of beauty . ( 3.4b) From their modest homes or cramped apartments , many viewers TUNE IN daily to the upper-middle-class world [ that TV GLORIFIES ] . Television DISCOURAGES communication ( Subtopic 2 ) . ( 2.1a) Families watching television DO very little talking except for brief exchanges during commercials . ( 2.3)[ If Uncle Bernie or the next-door neighbors DROP IN for a visit , the most comfortable activity for everyone MAY BE NOT conversation but watch ing ESPN . ( 2.4) The family MAY NOT even BE WATCHING the same set ; instead , in some households , all the family members HEAD FOR their own rooms to watch their own sets . ( 2.2) At dinner , plates ARE PLOPPED on the coffee table in front of the set , and the meal IS WOLFED DOWN
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