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UNDERGRADUATE COOPERATION PROGRAM Subject code: ENGL 1301 Subject name: Composition 1 Instructor: Tô Minh Thanh, Ph.D. 4. 1. Chiggers [Langan, 2008: 163-165] I HAD LIVED my whole life not know ing [ what chiggers ( Topic ) ARE] . I THOUGHT they WERE probably a type of insect [ that Humphrey Bogart ENCOUNTERED in The African Queen ] . I never HAD any real reason to care , until one day last summer . Within twenty-four hours , I HAD vividly EXPERIENCED [ what chigger bites ARE ] ( Subtopic 1 ) , LEARNED how to treat them ( Subtopic 2 ) , and LEARNED how to prevent them ( Subtopic 3 ) . First of all , I LEARNED [ that chiggers ARE the larvae of tiny mites { found in the woods }] and [ that their bites ARE always multiple and CAUSE intense itching ] . A beautiful summer day SEEMED perfect for a walk in the woods . 1 I am definitely not a city person , for I couldn't stand to be surrounded by people, noise, and concrete . As I WALKED through the ferns and pines , I NOTICED [ what APPEARED to be a dusting of reddish seeds or pollen on my slacks ] . Look ing more closely , I REALIZED [ that each speck WAS a tiny insect ] . I casually BRUSHED off a few and GAVE them no further thought . I WOKE UP the next morning feel ing like a victim [ stak ed { to an anthill } { by an enemy wise in the ways of torture }] . Most of my body WAS SPECKLED with measle like 1
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bumps [ that at the slightest touch BURNED and ITCHED like a mosquito bite { rais ed to the twentieth power }] . [ When anti septics and calamine lotion FAILED to help ] , I RACED to my doctor for emergency aid . a. Paragraph 2 contains an irrelevant sentence . b. Paragraph 2 lacks supporting details at one key spot . c. Time order in paragraph 2 is confused . d. Paragraph 2 contains two run-ons . Healing the bites of chigger ( Subtopic 2 ) , [ as the doctor DIAGNOSED them to be ] , IS NOT a simple procedure ( Controlling idea 2 ) . It SEEMS [ that   there IS really no wonder drug or commercial product to help ] . The victim MUST RELY ON a harsh and primitive home remedy and mostly WAIT OUT the course of the painful bites . F irst , the doctor EXPLAINED , the skin MUST BE BATHED carefully in alcoh ol . An anti histamine spray [ appli ed several hours later ] WILL SOOTHE the intense itching and HELP prevent infectio n . A few days after the treatment , the bites finally HEALED . [ Although I WAS still in pain , and desperate for relief ] , I FOLLOWED the doctor's instructions . a.
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