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UNDERGRADUATE COOPERATION PROGRAM Subject code: ENGL 1301 Subject name: Composition 1 Instructor: Tô Minh Thanh, Ph.D. 4.2. The Hazards of Being an Only Child [Langan, 2008: 165-166] 1 Many people [ who HAVE GROWN UP in multi-child families ] THINK [ that be ing an only child IS the best of all possible worlds ] . 2 They POINT to such benefits as the only child s annual new wardrobe and the lack of competition for parental love . 3 But single-child status ISN T as good [ as people SAY it IS ] . 4 Instead of havi ng everything [( that ) they WANT ] , only children ( Topic ) ARE sometimes DENIED certain basic human needs ( Central idea ) . 5 Only children ( Topic ) LACK companionship ( Controlling idea 1 ) . 6 An only child CAN HAVE trouble mak ing friends , [ since he or she ISN T used to be ing around other children ] . 7 Often , the only child COMES home to an empty house ; both parents ARE WORKING , and there ARE no brothers or sisters to play with or to talk about the day . 8 At dinner , the single child CAN T TELL jokes , GIGGLE , or THROW food while the adults DISCUSS boring adult subjects . 9 An only child always HAS his or her own room but never HAS anyone to whisper to half the night [ when sleep DOESN T COME ] . 10 S ome only children THRIVE on this isolation and CHANNEL their energies into creative activities like writing or 1
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drawin g . 11 Owing to this lack of companionship , an only child sometimes LACKS the social ease and self-confidence [ that COME from be ing part of a closely-knit group of contemporaries ] . a. Paragraph 2 contains an irrelevant sentenc e . b. Paragraph 2 lacks supporting details at one key spot . c. Paragraph 2 lacks transitional words . d. Paragraph 2 contains one fragment and one run-on . 12 Second , only children ( Topic ) LACK privacy ( Controlling idea 2 ) .
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