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Unformatted text preview: easy pay/direct debit form Orange account no. (your account number can be found on your Orange bill) Orange Communications SA Payment Administration/Direct Debit Rue du Caudray 4 1020 Renens 1 make life simpler with direct debit … Direct debit allows you to settle your bills automatically while staying in control. The process is simple, secure and transparent. ■ You constantly have control over your payments: you can cancel any payment within 30 days. Simply return the signed debit slip to your bank or the Swiss Post office in order to contest the payment and be reimbursed. ■ You no longer need to worry about filling in your payment orders or going to the post office. Your bills will be paid automatically on the day they are due, giving you complete peace of mind. billing address Mr Ms first and last name email street/no. postal code/city debit authorisation with contestation option (please complete in block capitals) I authorise my bank/post office, subject to contestation, to debit from my account bills issued by the recipient Orange Communications SA. If the balance of my account is not sufficient to proceed with the direct debit, no payment will be made and the bill will remain outstanding to Orange Communications SA. My bank/post office will notify me of every direct debit drawn from my account. If I return the signed debit slip contesting the payment to my bank/post office within 30 days, the amount debited will be reimbursed to me. postal account no. IBAN name of bank address of branch place and date signature corrections (please leave empty, to be completed by the bank) bank clearing no. IBAN EN 07/10 name of bank LSV-IDENT ORC1 W ...
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