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Amity Campus Uttar Pradesh India 201303 ASSIGNMENTS PROGRAM: MBA IB SEMESTER-II Subject Name : Study COUNTRY : Roll Number (Reg.No.) : Student Name : INSTRUCTIONS a) Students are required to submit all three assignment sets. ASSIGNMENT DETAILS MARKS Assignment A Five Subjective Questions 10 Assignment B Three Subjective Questions + Case Study 10 Assignment C Objective or one line Questions 10 b) Total weightage given to these assignments is 30%. OR 30 Marks c) All assignments are to be completed as typed in word/pdf. d) All questions are required to be attempted. e) All the three assignments are to be completed by due dates and need to be submitted for evaluation by Amity University. f) The students have to attached a scan signature in the form. Signature : _________________________________ Date : _________________________________ ( ) Tick mark in front of the assignments submitted Assignment ‘A’ Assignment ‘B’ Assignment ‘C’
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Cross Cultural Management ASSIGNMENT A Read the following scenarios and see if you can identify the problem in each. (1) George Tailor works as a supervisor for an engineering company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In the UK he had a reputation for speaking his mind and by doing so getting the best out of his staff. At the current project in Riyadh he supervises 12 British staff and nearly 50 Saudi staff. After a few months George has become increasingly frustrated by what he sees a less than effective Saudi team. Their lack of competence and slow work pace is worrying George. What should he do to try and bring the Saudi staff back into line? (2) Jenny Rains had been assigned to the Paris office of his company. As a graduate in French and someone with a lot of admiration for all things French she was very excited. Upon arriving at the new office Jenny was looking forward to meeting all his new colleagues and getting to know them. While waiting for a meeting to begin she decided to initiate some conversation with another member of staff present, Mr Le Blanc. She introduced herself as Madame Rains and went on to enquire as to whether Mr Le Blanc was married and had children. Monsieur Le Blanc seemed distant and unapproachable. Why? (3) Jonathan Manning has been chosen to set up a branch of his engineering consulting firm in Seoul, South Korea. Although the six engineering consultants that would eventually be transferred there were British, Jonathan is interested in hiring locals as support staff. He is particularly keen to hire an accountant. He is offering a great salary with excellent working conditions. He gets some names put forward through contacts he has in Seoul. After meeting with them he is surprised to find all of them turn down his offer. All preferred to stay with their current employers. Why? (4)
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CCMM - Amity Campus Uttar Pradesh India 201303 ASSIGNMENTS...

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