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Assignment- To Drill or not to Drill? Week 2 77 Points Possible Points Possible Points Earne d Comments Identifies a side they agree with mostly (A single position) 12 10 It was a little difficult to tell what side you indentified. It should be very clear in the first 1 or 2 sentences. Explains what key habits are hindering their thinking when looking at the opposing view and defending their own. 12 0 You did not address this required element. Gives explanation by way of persuasion of what can be done to overcome those habits hindering their thinking. 12 0 You did not address this required element. The paper is 475-525 words in length. 7 7 Uses 2 credible sources to support your argument found within the University Library. 7 3 You listed only one reference and I could not see where exactly you used the information from the article in your paper. It should be very obvious/clear when and where you are providing the reader with information that you learned from a source. Readability and Style
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Week+2+Assignment+Drill+or+not+to+drill-1 - Assignment To...

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