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chapter_15--cognitive_disor - Dementia Common Terms o...

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1 Chapter 15--Cognitive Disorders Key 1. Delirium, dementia and amnestic disorders typically develop: A. from complications of birth B. as part of the normal aging process C. in late adulthood D. as temporary conditions 2. The three categories of cognitive disorders are: A. delirium, dementia and amnestic disorders B. delirium, dementia and Alzheimer’s C. Alzheimer’s, delirium and amnestic disorders D. Alzheimer’s, organic and amnestic disorders 3. The term “organic mental disorders“ is no longer used to describe cognitive disorders because: 4. The cause of most cognitive disorders is: 5. Cognitive disorders typically cause impairment in all of the following primary abilities EXCEPT: 6. From the following choices, the age group most likely to use prescription medications is: A. infants and young children B. children and adolescents C. middle-aged adults D. older adults
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2 7. Impaired consciousness and cognition during the course of several hours or days defines: 8. In DSM-IV-TR, the organic mental disorders are relabeled as cognitive disorders because: 9. Which of the following is not a typical cause of delirium? 10. Cognitive disorders are often associated with changes in: A. behavior and personality B. anxiety and depression C. paranoia D. all of the above 11. Mr. Smith (age 72) is brought to the hospital emergency room. Mr. Smith’s son explains that his father woke up this morning and was “not himself.“ Mr. Smith appears confused, agitated and a bit frightened. He does not know his own name and cannot recognize his son. Mr. Smith’s son reports that his father had been completely fine with no symptoms prior to that morning. Mr. Smith appears to be suffering from:
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