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Industry_Analysis - Industry Analysis A What are3 industry...

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Industry Analysis A. What are3 industry analysis saying about your industry? What are the foreseeable trends? What will be the major forces that will affect the industry in the next five years? Everyone B. Economic forecasts: What is the forecast for the industry regarding growth and the factors that will affect if? Existing markets? Emerging markets? Changes in demands for products/services? Global competitiveness? Dustin Johnston C. Financial Performance: What is the financial profile of the industry? What are the industry averages for the major financial ratios? What specific ratios are used to measure performance within your industry group? Select five financial ratios that best measure performance in your industry and analyze industry performance over the past five years. Calculate the compound average growth rate (CAGR) for each ratio for the five year period. Urien Dill D. Driving forces: What are the major factors that drive your industry group? What are the key success factors that every major competitor must have to survive in your industry?
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