marketing myopia - petrochemical companies and the energy...

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Dustin Johnston Marketing Myopia – Levitt, Theodore 1. The author, is trying to present the fact that no business or industry is indestructible that eventually every manager, or head of industry must see the mortality of their company. Even companies that seem invulnerable like the steel, railroad and corner grocery stores have slowly fallen to the wayside in the past several years. The author makes several bad assumptions about the future in his article that did not come to fruition however, his hypothesis about the future did and still does have many possibilities. 2. I agree with the author in that more business’s do need to look at how to broaden their view of their target market area, continue looking towards the future and watching for new competitors and new strategic opportunities for their company to grow and expand in new and more innovative ways. I also agree with Levitt’s future prospects of the
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Unformatted text preview: petrochemical companies and the energy companies. Proof can be seen more than ever today that these companies need to concentrate harder on new innovative ideas than the same old oil and natural gas solution that have been pushing for more than 100 years. Everyday in the news there is talk about, oil spills, constantly rising prices of gas, electricity and how cheap and efficient solar power is. When a good feasible and economically efficient replacement comes up the oil companies will meet their demise. 3. The article relates to chapter 2 the dynamic environment because dynamic means constantly changing, and because the entire premise of Levitts paper was about the changing environment, looking forward, because new technologies will over take a company that chooses to stand still is all about the dynamic environment at play in the business world....
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marketing myopia - petrochemical companies and the energy...

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