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Dustin Johnston Article VIII. – Lynas, Mark 1. Cereal killer. Bio fuels are the new killer of the worlds grain supply and can literally be partially blamed for the worlds poor starving to death. In a world with a limited supply of grains and an ever increasing supply of humans to feed bio fuels are eating a portion of the grain supply that poor countries, and starving people depend on for their survival. The price of food, is on the rise because of all the new mouths to feed, about 87 million per year according to the article, and a larger and larger percentage of grains produced are being sucked up by rich developed countries for fuel. Not only is this causing a lower supply but also a higher demand for grains which causes problems on both ends of the market. And rich countries like the United States, the UK and Brazil are willing to pay more for grains to save fossil fuels to be able to drive their cars a few more miles. Which poses the question- are the worlds rich driving the worlds poor into their graves?
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