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Dustin Johnston Article IX. – Grow, Brian, Keith Epstein, Ben Elgin, and Mara Der Hovanesian 1. The article follows several people and groups of people though hard times they have had dealing with high interest rates for low income families and how companies take advantage of these people. These loans range from small computer loans lasting less than a year during which time you pay more than double the value of the computer to car and credit card interest rates topping 25%. The article also talks about payday and tax advances that end up costing the customer 10% for a weeks time or over 100% APR. It goes on to show the business that are doing this in a horrible light because they are only looking for a profit not to help society as a whole. 2. Well I can’t say I don’t know how many of the people in the articles feel. Growing up my family constantly borrowed more money than they could afford to pay back, always lived paycheck to paycheck and never really had a clue about anything financial. College has seemed like my way out of
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