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grad student interview - mathematics skills What is the...

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Dustin Johnston April 12, 2010 Grad Student Interview RE:FWD:FWD:FWD: I’m currently looking into graduate schools and McCombs school of business was one of my top selections I was hoping you could submit this short questionnaire to one of your students. Its fine if its anonymous I just had a few questions I needed to ask. What was the hardest part about getting into grad school? - Hardest part for me was the cash, my family do not believe in borrowing monies from the US government because we are out of the country. So for me to be here I was required to obtain jobs outside of the academic ones on campuses. How did you pick your mentor? - We are actually given a mentor once we decide our specialization. What do you wish you knew before grad school? - More mathematics, my calculus was strong but more would have helped me more in the classes I have taken since I have been at University. Good writing was over stressed to me when applying and most professors here do not seem to mind bad writing just good
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Unformatted text preview: mathematics skills. What is the hardest part of grad school?-The amount of readings gets over the top of your head sometimes but that you can deal with as long as you sit down and do it. When I first entered university I had problems with starting my readings before the teacher required or was told to do so. When perusing my BINFTECH all of our readings were assigned to us along with an outline of when to do these readings not simply the names and were expected to start. What is the most rewarding part of grad school?-The graduations or the hard work in general if you need more. What are 3 pieces of advise you would give a person considering grad school?-Take more mathematics classes while in primary degree. -Start your reading as soon as the readings are posted by your professor-Don’t get discouraged after the education is over the work you will be able to do is the reward for all the hours and work you put in....
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