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Dustin Johnston GBA 389 General Conclusions All the jobs analyzed in this report include supervising others as at least part of the job, and is in fact the main responsibility of the jobs. In one hundred percent of these positions the candidate will be required to use superior interpersonal skills to train and develop a successful team. In more than sixty-six percent of the jobs some work with payroll is required. More than half of the jobs require the candidate to work around a non-traditional work schedule.
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Unformatted text preview: The candidate is expected to have at least some pervious experience in the area they are going to be working. Around two thirds of the jobs require a college degree, either Associates or Bachelors degree, all the remaining jobs require at least a high school diploma. The candidate should also be able to evaluate talent, training needs and the processing of shipments. All of the positions require a high level of interaction with people at the job site. None of the jobs require travel. 1...
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