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GBA assignment 4.3 - degree bachelor’s or masters and...

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Dustin Johnston GBA 389 Executive Summary This report is the result of an assignment in Business Communications in Spring 2010. It’s purpose is to determine the job responsibilities of employees in Management positions and to determine the qualifications necessary to obtain such positions. Candidates who are successful in obtaining this management positions will develop a personal relationship with their sales team as well as attract and obtain new members for such a team. Also, they will supervise each member of the team and the effectiveness of which they work. To be qualified for these management positions, candidates should possess at least a high school diploma but preferably a college
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Unformatted text preview: degree, bachelor’s or masters and will need to have experience in the related area. They also need good communication, interpersonal skill and the ability to work around a nontraditional work schedule. The solve the purpose, information was obtained through job announcements located at various sites on the Web. The sites used were CareerBuilder, HotJobs and AnnTaylor. All announcements were analyzed for the following nine items: (1) Company Name , (2) Title , (3) Job Description , (4) Years of Work Experience , (5) Education , (6) Skills , (7) Other Requirements , (8) Salary , (9) Location . 1...
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