GBA Citation 1 - The Ethics Journal , 51 (2), 96-110....

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Dustin Johnston March 4, 2010 Reference Page for End of Document Appollo, D. N., Othella, B., Oxlangly, K. C., Hu, W. L., & Gonzales, A.J., Rice, D., … MacGregregy V. (2002). Ethics is not just a guessing game in the world of business. Ethics Issues , 4 (1), Retrieved from http://www.ethicsnews.or g/currentissues/volume4/one/article0003 doi: EN6921788432002EINJGGWB Federal Ethics Committee. (2007). Guides for ethical standards in U. S. businesses (FEC Publication No. E701). Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office Hickabee, B B, Knotts, A. T, & Morales, M. (2008, February 12). In Oh This Thing Called Ethics . Retrieved from Kao, J.B., & Balanie, M. U. . (2007). Business seek to establish ethical standards: Has the time come?.
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Unformatted text preview: The Ethics Journal , 51 (2), 96-110. Mextango, B. J, Rangeie, M, Applegate, J. N, Ling, R.E., & Hernandez, L. M. (n.d.). Ethical business standards in a world of nonethical behavior . Retrieved from Ping, L., & Ningee, H.G. (2009, November 15). Preparing workers to function within company established ethics guidelines. The Dallas Morning Word , E7. Smithson, J. A, Benner, Benner, S.A., & Theerango, T. R. (2008). New Business Ethics . (Eds.). New York City: Liberal Press International. Dustin Johnston March 4, 2010 Zapata, H. O. (Producer), & Burgmann, R. J. (Director). (2009). What would you do if you were in this situation. [Motion picture]. United States: Educational Pictures International. ....
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GBA Citation 1 - The Ethics Journal , 51 (2), 96-110....

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