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Hush Electrical Equipment Inc 1414 Breakwater Miami, FL 63633 Fax: 701.739.4411 April 8, 2010 G.O. LIMES LABOR READY SERVICES 106 DUNCAN ROAD CONROE TX 77340 FAX 936.493.8001 Dear G. O. Limes: SUBJECT: Replacement of Six Fans at No Charge We are sending out six replacement fans at absolutely no cost to you. We are working quickly to get your new fans to you and they should be shipped immediately. In an attempt to save our customers money we decided to replace our Dillard-Hix motors that we have been using for the past 20 years with new import motors. Our preliminary tests on the imported motors indicated they would do the job and be quiet and efficient at a lower cost, however now that we have accumulated sufficient information we know that after six months of operation these imports do not meet our high standards. Hush Electrical would like to apologize both for the problem and any inconvenience you have
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Unformatted text preview: experienced due to this situation. To alleviate this situation and to ensure it never happens again Hush Electrical Equipment Inc has returned to using our high quality Dillard-Hix motors. The two motors not making noise are Dillard-Hix motors because you checked the serial numbers on the invoice so we could be sure. The replacement of your fans will be handled by Waldon Electric of Conroe, they will also be handling the removal of the noisy fans and instillation of the high quality Dillard-Hix motors at no expense to you. As with all Hush Electrical Equipment we pride ourselves on superior performance and would like to include a sample of our new air filtration system for use at your convenience. Thank you for placing your confidence in Hush Electrical Equipment Inc. We look forward to many years serving all your electrical equipment needs. Sincerely, Dustin Johnston 9-S21...
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