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Research Proposal - Countries that will be the primary...

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Dr. Ruiz 1/29/10 Contemporary Issues in Economics Research Proposal: Examination of Latin American Black markets and the Effects of Black Markets on Host/Foreign Economies. Frohm, Josh; Johnston, Dustin; Posada, Mateo Research Summary: We plan to identify and examine the various forms of black markets and their effects on Latin American economies. Produce an in-depth study of trade both internal and external occurring in Latin American countries and how trade is effected by the presence of black markets.
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Unformatted text preview: Countries that will be the primary concentration of this research will include but will not be limited to Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. A compilation and a broad view of all Latin American countries will be used as the base for research. Other topics covered in our research will include but are not limited to the effects of black markets on GDP, inequality, certain sociopolitical aspects and FDI....
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