The Republic of Chile - The Republic of Chile By Reason or...

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The Republic of Chile “By Reason or By Force” By: Dustin Johnston The Republic of Chile is located on the western side of South America along the Pacific Ocean and is bordered by Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. At a little over 292,000 square miles Chile is the 40 th largest country in the world by land area and this is excluding the 480,000 square miles of territory Chile claims in Antarctica. The land is a long narrow strip located almost exclusively between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains. Despite being located in what would seem like one of the areas most prone to rain in the world and despite having a mostly Mediterranean climate throughout the country, Chile boasts the worlds driest desert, the Atacama. This desert has a large supply of copper and nitrates which has recently become some of Chiles primary exports. At 2,700 miles long, north to south, Chile is almost fifteen times longer than it is wide. And even has alpine tundra in the south west. Chile is a country of more than 17,000,000 people , ranked 60 th in the world, but with only around sixty people per square mile Chile is a fairly un-dense country. With the official language being Spanish but with a large English and Portuguese speaking population inside the country it is very diverse and includes a population which is about
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86.1% Spanish or white, 10% Indian and 3.7% mestizo, black or mulattos. About forty
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The Republic of Chile - The Republic of Chile By Reason or...

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