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Unformatted text preview: MIS388: Current Events Assignment Due Dates: See Class Schedule For your assigned day (see Anticipated Schedule) you are to: 1. Read a current article about a topic related to the indicated chapter. 2. Type up a short summary of the article (1.5-2 pages, single spaced) including answers to the following: a. A brief overview of the article. b. How it is related to the material in the associated chapter. c. Why the article’s subject is important and to whom (you personally, your career, your family, your classmates, the general public, etc.) 3. Post the summary in Blackboard under Assignments and turn in a hard copy at the beginning of the appropriate class (see Anticipated Schedule). The article can be about any appropriate area as long as it can be sufficiently tied to the chapter’s material. For example, if you love basketball and the chapter is about hardware you can find an article about Mark Cuban and how he uses different hardware to keep the business of Dallas Mavericks at the...
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