Excel Tutorial 6 - Session 6.1 Using Multiple Worksheets...

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Unformatted text preview: Session 6.1 Using Multiple Worksheets Workbook data is often placed in several worksheets. Using multiple worksheets make, easier to group and summarize data. For example, a company such as Clobal Travel .,r it- branches in different geographic regions can place sales information for each region in separate worksheets. Rather than scrolling through one large and complex worksheet th.:' contains data for all regions, users can access sales information for a specific region sinr- ply by clicking a sheet tab in the workbook. Multiple worksheets enable you to place summarized data first. Managers interested only in an overall picture can view the first worksheet of summary data without looking ' at the details available in the other worksheets. Others, of course, might want to view the. supporting data in the individual worksheets that follow the summary worksheet. In the case of Global Travel, Rhohit used seoarate worksheets to summarize the number of tick- ets sold and sales in dollars for the New Mexico branch offices for each ouarter of the 2010 fiscal year. You will open Rhohit's workbook and review the current information. To open and review the Global Travel workbook: 1. Open the NM workbook located in the Tutorial.O6\Tutorial folder included with . your Data Files, and then save the workbook as New Mexico in the same folder. 2. In the Documentation worksheet, enter your name and the current date. 5. Switch to the Quarter 1 worksheet, and then view the numben of tickets so\d and sales for the first quarter of the year. See Figure 6-1. ) Qu worksheet for lobal Mexico---l 'il-'-"""" a """; 1 l N e r v M e x i r o l G l o b a l l - : a v e l- i 2 3 4 5 ? I s 1 0 1 1 1 3 1 4 '15 1 6 1 7 1 6 1 9 2A n I J I i Thenle pa.k Ticket Sales-Ouarte( 1 S Tickets Sold Sales ($) Adults Children Adults Aninral World 27 42 X350 Global Workplaces Floridt 34 25 1530 Great Adventu.e 1 7A 245 Sea Aquarium odando 15 20 525 Marvin Lakes Tampa 10 8 28O City Studios 20 10 840 Topec 14 l2 630 Children 1 5 9 6 800 220 440 160 240 480 Rli4 ) 4. Review the Quarter 2, Quarter 5, and Quarter 4 wonksheets. The tayout for att four worksheets is identical. "I Grouping Worksheets . rhit didn't enter any formulas in the workbook. You need to enter formulas to calcu- '..the total number of tickets and sales for each column (B through E) in all four .ksheets. Rather than retyping the formulas in each worksheet, you can enter them all rnce by creating a worksheet group. A worksheet group is a collection of two or more .,cted worksheets. When worksheets are grouped, everything you do to the active ,rksheet also affects the other worksheets in the group. For example, you can: . lnter data and formulas in cells in one worksheet to enter the data and formulas in the ..rnre cells in all the worksheets in the group....
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Excel Tutorial 6 - Session 6.1 Using Multiple Worksheets...

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