The Fog of War - D ustin Johnston H IS 386 July 5 2009 The...

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Dustin Johnston HIS 386 July 5, 2009 The Fog of War For most casual observers, the Iraq War portrayed a realm of “smart” weapons and precision munitions. However, in the novel Generation Kill by Evan Wright, this is rarely the truth. For the Marines of First Recon, the War in Iraq was much more up close and personal than a battle of air superiority. From the very top of the military hierarchy down to the lowly “devil dog”, individual Marines never had the illusion of a impersonal mechanized war. While there, a certain disconnect is always present between the enlisted man and his immediate superiors, which is one fact that is true from the start. One of the things that seem to never enter into people’s minds when they think about the fighting in Iraq is that it is insurgent warfare, meaning that not all individuals on the battlefields are combatants. This is because these battlefields happen to be the streets of the cities they live in. The reason the Recon Marines are on the ground in Iraq is to liberate the vast majority of the Iraqi population. One of the most obtuse, mitigating factors is that the Marines of First Recon along with every other American on the ground in Iraq must follow the Rules of Engagement (ROE). The Rules of Engagement are a series of guidelines for when an American combatant can and cannot engage a specific target. However, the Rules of Engagement do not seem to fit into the conflict in Iraq due to the overwhelming presence of Iraqi civilians and soldiers who chose to not wear uniforms and dress in civilian garb in order to facilitate an air of confusion within the American troops. Throughout the book, instances that the rules of engagement are used by the Iraqi’s as an impediment for American troops can be seen, such as the Marine snipers’ inability to engage the not uniformed Iraqi’s with cell phones, who called out locations for mortar rounds, until permission is given from headquarters. Another problem the Marines encounter is when
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Dustin Johnston HIS 386 July 5, 2009 Trombley follows the chain of commands decision to change the rules of engagement to allow
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The Fog of War - D ustin Johnston H IS 386 July 5 2009 The...

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