Algiers - Dustin Johnston Military War In America/ Dr....

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Dustin Johnston Military War In America/ Dr. Pierce June 29, 2009 The Battle of Algiers During the course of the film, the ever-changing views and objectives developed to a smaller extent for both the French, the FLN (French Liberation Front) and in a much larger way, for the general Algerians. From the start, the goal of the French, both the military and the political sector, was to control Algiers and maintain the status quo of controlling the colonial subjects without suffering an exuberant amount of casualties. However, the FLN at the same time wanted the exact opposite objective- to reek enough chaos, mayhem and havoc to force the French to at least begin considering allowing the Algerian people to govern themselves. The group that changed the most throughout the film was the general population of Algiers. In the beginning, a policy of general non-militant compliance was seen throughout the city, which quickly developed after the bombing of a residential district by the French police force. Further development from compliance to support of the FLN and then eventually to the all out hate of the French can be seen throughout the movie. Some examples can be seen in the harboring of Ali La Pointe in the well of a by standards house, and the speech given by a young boy in the square after the release of prisoners pronouncing that the FLN “is winning”. These changes can also be seen in the tactics that each side used to fight the opposition.
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Algiers - Dustin Johnston Military War In America/ Dr....

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