Blackrobe - D ustin Johnston H is 386 Pierce 1 I ndians...

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Dustin Johnston 6/11/09 His 386- Pierce 1. Indian’s view of trade was limited to their general survival and health needs. They share many things among each other without any need for repayment of any type, due to their more open culture. The Europeans, on the other hand, are at one point said to, “never give a gift without requiring something in return”. In the film The Black Robe , the interaction between Father Laforgue and one of the Algonquin leaders shows this point quite clearly when Father Laforgue refuses to share his tobacco with the Algonquins because it is meant as an offering to the Hurons. However, the Indian’s continuing conflict between each other coupled with the new European firearms changed the existing patterns of native trade and political relations. Champlain, for example, is credited with singlehandedly killing two Iroquois chiefs in a battle with a single shot from his arquebus, a weapon much like a modern day shotgun with decent range but very inaccurate and slow to load. Because of this change in weaponry along with the use of steel weapons and tools
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Blackrobe - D ustin Johnston H is 386 Pierce 1 I ndians...

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