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Cost of Capital Bond Yield - Cost of Equity Beta - After Tax cost of debt Risk-free rate - Weight of debt Market Risk Premium - Weight of equity Corporate income tax rate - WACC Market Value of Equity - Market Value of Debt - 0 1 2 3 Initial Cost - Increase in NWC (if any) - Other costs (if any) - Gain/Loss (after tax) on sale of old asset (if any) - Net Investment Depreciation Depreciable base - Annual Depreciation charge Units sold
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Unformatted text preview: - - - Selling price per unit - Variable Costs: Labor cost per unit- Raw materials per unit- Total Variable Costs Fixed cost- - - Operating costs - fixed and variable (∆O) Depreciation Allowance (∆DEP) OEBT Tax OEAT Add Back depreciation- - - Working Capital Recovery Salvage Value (after tax) Net Cash Flow- - - Cumulative Cash Flow- - - NPV- Payback Period IRR Sales (∆R)...
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