piss on the education system

piss on the education system - Johnston 1 Dustin Johnston...

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Unformatted text preview: Johnston 1 Dustin Johnston English 165.022 Professor Vande-Zande November 1, 2007 Lowering of Standards. The United States of America a country that prides itself on being the biggest and the best at everything in the world and we have been for over a century. However that is not the way it will be much longer. The United States is the only super power in the world right now but we have dropped from having the most valuable money in the world to fourth in the world market today. The majority of business in the United States rely on other countries to make the parts or even make the final product because the cost of labor is cheaper than in the United States. Education in the United States, once a pillar of our society is still a building block but a much smaller building block than it once was. In high schools across the country standards are becoming more lax and kids are learning less than the year before them. If we are to remain a player in the world then we must change the way our schools are run and what our students are taught. The United Kingdom, Canada , Japan, Sweden those are three of the top countries in the world for education(http://www.aneki.com/most_educated.html). Where is the United States you might ask yourself. Falling, would be the answer. America that word ones inspired, motivated and at one time even made people proud. Other countries marveled at the way our power, influence, money, and standard of living. Now we are being looked upon as second Johnston 2 class citizens. Colleges across the nation are being forced to offer classes that are not even deemed college level, classes that are required to graduate from high school, or at least once were. During college this past summer I attended a business math class for freshmen, during the course of this class my teacher was contentiously asked how to do basic arithmetic equations and simple algebra problems, both of which in the state of Texas you are required to know when passing the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test; a test you...
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piss on the education system - Johnston 1 Dustin Johnston...

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