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Self Evaluation Essay - Johnston 1 Dustin Johnston...

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Johnston 1 Dustin Johnston Professor VandeZande English 165.022 December 2, 2007 Self Evaluation Essay This year in professor VandeZande’s English 165 class I have learned a great deal more than I originally thought I would. This is mainly based around how to do research for different types of projects and indeed these were the assignments that I did the best on. I did not really expect much out of the class because my English 164 class was taught so well. However I was surprised by the level of work that was expected from our Professor and how interesting he made the class. Personally I believe that my ability to reread a paper I have already written and improve upon it has greatly increased. As a writer I believe I have improved very little. I have always written exactly the way I think, ever since high school I have just put on paper my exact thoughts on a topic. English classes such as this one have only allowed me to better reword my thoughts so that it sounds better and the connotations behind my words are better understood. However, on our final research project I realized how much I enjoy doing research when in the end I will be able to present that research in a well constructed way it to someone who may be able to do more about the topic than myself. I believe I am still struggling with the grammar side of writing along with the final structure because we never had much time in class to discuss everyone’s individual papers and whether they had the right structure. It was based more on what other students
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Self Evaluation Essay - Johnston 1 Dustin Johnston...

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