7-10-2007 - 7/10/2007 Attendance and roll call Introduction...

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7/10/2007 Attendance and roll call Introduction Course expectations and syllabus -reading primary documents -reading secondary sources -history and geography Historical laboratory Why Africana Studies? Africa and the world Who should be included in this black experience? Jacky Robinson, Harriet Tubman, Robert DeBois, Martin Luther King Jr, Marcus Gaver, JFK, Nelson Mandella, L. Hughes, Mohammad Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Malcom X, Colin Powell, C. Rice, Abe Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Movement, early African civilization, those that made a difference today or in their own times within the community/society or generation. What is important to examine in this African experience? When/where to start discussing the Black experience? How to measure the contributions of Africa? Revolution/drastic changes/sarafice for today/balance of power/dedication What counts? Why study the Black History? Resistance/Struggle for rights applies to everywhere not just Africa/US Make a path for others, affects everyone. Workers = economy, how? Those who ended slavery African vs Black History African American History -carried to the Americas against their will as commodities (property,luxary, something to be sold, used, purchased) -descendants struggle to change their conditions -people attempting to remake the world – labor , resistance, creativity, visions of freedom, languages , technology, arts, traditions, dance, food, music Human Journey Dispurtion of people Cultural diffusion International Black Diaspora>dispurtion of people>cultural diffusion>life changing
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7-10-2007 - 7/10/2007 Attendance and roll call Introduction...

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