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7-18-2007 - but in god God will relieve him Mentored and...

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7/19/2007 Jupiter Hammon 10/17/1711 Slave from long island Educated Poet/preacher Had works published – influenced by great awakening Made tools such as tin lantern/eel traps,candles, butter Christain church accepted blacks and some converted Into Christianity during great awakening Blacks made their own churches. Slaves reinforced identity To survived slavery, the best way is to obey his masters obediently without any complaints Masters will give back to slaves if followed. Hammon – worked as a clerk Attended school Learned to read/write Had special privileges that other blacks did not (owning property) Education = freedom – went to school with Lloyd children Was not recognized – wanted people to know salvation, did not believe in self liberation
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Unformatted text preview: but in god God will relieve him Mentored and educated other slaves to gain more privileges Inspired many people Many others tried to become like Hammon Benjamin Banneker – “Sable Astronomer”) Famous free African American – made his own clock Published an almanac – stars – skylight Predicted solar/lunar eclipses – tech assistant Died 10/9/1806 Grandson of Molly Welsh-gave birth to daughter who produced crops to produce Benjamin Banneker Wrote to Thomas Jefferson – believed it was the most efficient way to be heard – letter helped American Independence Support that colored people have rights Worked in Washington DC...
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